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Dorsa Sajedi is an MA student at Screen Academy Scotland, having already received a First Class Honours in BA Film. Her aim is to participate in Scotland’s video post-production industry. Prior to pursuing higher education, Dorsa studied photography at GCSE and A-Level. She has a passion for editing that stems from her desire to inspire and move audiences through the power of cuts over words. Her primary interest lies in fiction films where she can immerse viewers in representations of the mind through her editing. Dorsa is a certified Avid Media Composer specialist and has experience working with software like Adobe Premiere, DaVinci Resolve, and Final Cut Pro X.


To access the films these sequences feature in, see the 'films' page.


The song used in this video is 'Star Interlude' by Bloom. The source material of the animations at the end of the video does not belong to me, as I only animated them, see the 'animation' page for details on the exact artists.

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