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Working on our Pitch

Current craft roles (for pitching, and potentially production if green-lit):

Abbie: Writer

Dori: Producer

After another meeting with Abbie, we've been able to separate out areas of discussion. With our plan at the moment, we have a maximum of 2.3 minutes each, to which Abbie will go first (as the writer) and I will go second (as the producer). As we decided not to co-write on this piece, Abbie has taken the lead on the script, and so she will be pitching areas related to what has helped her in writing it and further developing our ideas.

As the producer, I plan on discussing areas of representation and our decision to change the aspect of the 'affair' from the original source material. I plan on further justifying this decision (as it is a significant one), and discussing the areas of sexuality to which we want to portray in the film.

Due to the restricted amount of time that we have for this pitch, we will be focusing in-depth on areas relevant to our current craft roles. As Abbie will be touching briefly upon visuals and dialogue, there will be references in her part of the pitch - which I will be editing together for both of us.

Our pitch is due in a few days and I look forward to updating my blog for the feedback. :)

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