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The Master Shot (progress update)

Group roles:

Maddy: Director

Abbie: Producer

Tom: Sound

Mia: Cinematographer

Dorsa (me): Editor

So far we have done the following:

- Each did mood boards for the kind of genre we wanted to go for

- Decided as a group to go with post-apocalyptic for our genre

- Decided on a location, elements of the costume, decided on a shoot date

- (Abbie has also completed the risk assessment, Maddy & Mia have decided on what kit we're bringing, and we've sorted out travel arrangements - we will be traveling to the location by bus)

Shoot Date: Monday 5th October 2020


Initially, I had thought that we had to think of our own script ideas for our group's genre and then to go with the best one, but I had forgotten that we had decided to go with Maddy's idea prior to that. We had established a lonely female character who is looking or searching for something in the rubble/remains, and our ideas branched off from there. I was aware of Abbie's idea which was a robotic watch that acted as a companion who was missing a piece of a battery, and then Maddy's focus being on music and searching for a piece to fix up a walkman.

My idea focused on the character's desire for not being the only one left - the last survivor. She would search the remains for photographs of people, and would restore them by painting/drawing them, and trying to figure out a sense of each individual's personality through the elements in each photograph. Throughout the piece, I visualised her feeling as if she is being watched, but then brushing it off as the last remaining hope and desire she has of seeing another person. I imagined the last shot being of her looking directly at the camera, taking off her mask (despite the dangers - in the film, not due to COVID... haha), with a somber and content look on her face, because she's seen us, as the audience, and she no longer feels alone.

Although I never really got a chance to pitch this idea to the rest of the group, I'm excited to go and do our master shot this Monday. :)


Here's a behind the scenes photo from the shoot, you can access my updated blog post with the completed shot here!

Covid safe! (while sheltering from the rain)

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