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Storyboard Edit with Rehearsals

[20th - 24th February] I sat on the audition run-throughs with our three female characters to prepare for the edit. We recorded the audio, and I sat down and looked through the storyboards with this audio playing to help me visualise how the edit would progress. I even took screenshots of each shot on the storyboard and tried to edit it to the recorded audio… it wasn’t the best, but it was worth a try! It helped to see if the dialogue would work within 1o minutes.

Thinking back to our test shoot and the difficulties we ran into with the sink shot (and my temporary resolution of the VFX, which didn’t work out the best), I started to think of alternatives, as I felt that a replacement was essential but also something visually interesting. This was when I thought back to a shot I saw in We Need to Talk About Kevin and how a classmate had recreated a “sink POV” shot with a see-through storage box of mine. And that’s what got the cogs turning! The others liked the idea and eventually found a better way of achieving the effect that we desired: with a fish tank (which was clearer) and a mirror (to safely film the shot).

So, while the storyboard “edit” wasn’t the best/most entertaining visually, I do not regret it, as it helped me visualise and to think of an alternative for our sink shot!
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