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Sound Project Progress Update

At this point in time, I'm working with Pro Tools to finish off this project. Maddy and Tom put our audio tracks onto the timeline for sync, but since their computer isn't the best, I was given the AAF to continue it.

forcing shaiza to help me source sounds
my flatmate, shaiza

I've never really worked with sound, so working with a program like Pro Tools... it's all very very new. The sound refreshers/online workshops we've had have been useful though. I've learned the general basics, a few shortcuts, and how to use some of the plugins in AudioSuite.

One of the effects my group and I wanted an audio track to have was a muffler. With Zoe's advice, I managed to achieve this by manipulating the audio with an equaliser (EQ3-7BAND). Another plugin that I used was a reverb (D-VERB) towards the end of a track recorded in a hallway which I felt was cut off abruptly - so I wanted to somewhat extend it by stimulating an echo that you would expect a hallway as such to have. I did this by creating an auxiliary stereo track, applying the D-Verb effect, creating a bus, and using it to send signals to the audio track which I wanted the effect on.

BUT it didn't actually work the way I wanted it to.

So I had to find an alternative. Luckily, on another one of the sourced sounds for walking in the echoey hallway, I copied and pasted the sound of a singular footstep and added them to the end of the tracks. I still kept the reverb on them, though, because it sounded better than without it - not AS abrupt. Another one of my options was to try and extend the length of the clip by putting it into another program, but I chose not to and to just stick with Pro Tools.

I'm now just waiting for feedback from my group on how it sounds, I've been keeping them posted with updates on a google drive. I think its worked alright though, especially with this being my first try at Pro Tools, so I'm happy :)

I'll post an update including tutor feedback that I will get from the crit for the sound project.

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