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Shooting: Done! (Progress Update)

Managed to do my part and help out the best I could, but now it's onto me for the editing :)


Continuing on from my last post, the idea that we decided to go with was Maddy's.

the 'base camp'

The shoot went really well, learned a lot too! One being, if shooting outside in November from 9 in the morning till 4 in the afternoon (more specifically, in Scotland), wear better shoes or thicker socks. :(

I had my own copy of the script and the shot lists, so I took notes on there as much as I could on what shots we ditched and which ones we got aaaand the ones we missed the clapperboard on (quite a few sadly). But, Maddy said that she'd sync the sound for me before I take on the editing, which I'm happy about. Also decided to take note on some of my favourite shots!

travelling in groups of 2: arrival!

We had Charlie as our actor today which was definitely a great pick, she did a really good job and I'm super grateful!

~social distancing~

just mia, murdering a teddy bear

I was really lucky to be put in such an amazing group with such talented people! I'm gonna try my hardest on the edit to keep up with the rest of my team. I can't wait to get started! But for the time being, until I receive the footage and such, I'll have to be patient.

close up shots on the tins

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