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Production Starts: VFX & DIT & Script Supervision

[6th - 12th March]

VFX Experimentation

As the green screen on the TV wasn’t something we got to practice during our test shoot, I also used my spare time as DIT on set to test any experimentation that I was unsure about.\

The main one was the flickering of the TV in footage that was recorded of it. After watching a few tutorials on set, this turned out to be an easy fix through Davinci Resolve Studio (which our Colourist and Cinematographer conveniently had access to).

Cake Experimentation

On our next day of shooting, we will feature a shot depicting the advert on the screen. This was planned to have graphics on and to be on the TV screen on set. Because of this, as soon as I had finished offloading our footage, I had to pass it on to our cinematographer to quickly grade the shot, and then I took it home to create the following footage:

It was a late finish, but the director was happy with the result, so we progressed to the next day!

[Early draft of Spinning Cake Graphic]


For the remaining of our indoor shoot dates, I will be DIT’ing. I had a lot of free time when there wasn’t any more data to offload. I used this time to work on our social media, fulfilling design elements for future posts and taking stills of the footage I had finished offloading. This would help the director have references to shots that had already been taken and proved to be very helpful.

Script Supervision

So far, I have script supervised on the first day, at the filming of the advert. I found this day to be probably one of the easiest days I have had script supervising. Both characters are stood stationary, so the elements I had to keep an eye out for were hand movements, facial expressions, dialogue, and interactions at what points of dialogue.

I’ve attached all my script supervision notes on the following post (as they are all in one complete document, including the notes that were taken by our other script supervisor) so make sure to look!
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