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Preparing for Pitch: For Crimes Forgotten

At the point of writing this, we've done a practice pitch and I've already written my bits of the presentation (to which i'll be making adjustments if necessary on the document tomorrow).

For the practice pitch, we did not have access to the first draft of the script yet, but we did have an in-depth outline. So, I went through the document and I took some notes to gather my thoughts together and get some feedback for the actual pitch.

A few days later, we received the first script draft, and I started analysing it to make sense of the pacing and rhythm that we would be going for. Here are some screenshots of my notes:

The annotations that I've done are colour coordinated to match the 'pace' that I am thinking of using in the edit - the highlighted parts are cues/clues that I feel naturally indicate this kind of pacing. Following this structure, I've some diagrams:

As seen in my notes, I've started to consider the portrayal of the character's power-dynamics and how I will use the edit to enhance the portrayal of the warden in a god-like way. I made the diagram on the right to make sense of my ideas and express the relationship the characters share with one another.

Since our protagonist is the Informant, this is the character that we are 'with'. It is important that we see things from his perspective, so since he looks down on the prisoner, we should be encouraged to do so too. The script gets across this idea by mentioning the key as a 'metal object' to which one first presumes is a weapon, but no, it is a key. This is revealed at the point to which the pacing will momentarily accelerate. We no longer look down on the prisoner from this point on.

Here are my presentation notes/text at this very point of time:

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