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Post-Prod Prep: Figuring out what Drives to Get: Calculations

[27th Feb - 3rd March] To efficiently determine the best hard drive for us, I tried some calculations from the file size of our test-shoot footage. I’ve attached these calculations below!

Our official decision is to stick with an 8TB drive, which we will go with!

Edit: Unfortunately, I didn’t realise until much later that the camera we used on our test shoot was a different camera… so we overestimated the file size for our footage. But, on the other hand, the money we spent on the drives didn’t go to waste, and it’s also better to overestimate than underestimate in this case (our footage totalled under 4TB total). But it was good that we had two drives, 6TB and 8TB. Because of this, I could set up the Davinci project for our colourist on one of the drives to hand it over to him.

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