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(note: the title is a work in progress)

Task: Write a script that developments from your group's master shot.

Rules the script needs to follow: 1 actor, 1 location, up to 3 pages.

Genre: Post-apocalyptic

View my group's master shot here.

To see my script, see the bottom of this post.

I had discussed my idea briefly in one of my previous blog posts. Here, I have decided to take that idea further and develop it into my individual script.

Developing my idea into a script

Before writing my script, I tried to break down my character to the best of my ability. Some of the things I considered were elements that wouldn't be seen on screen, for example, her past-life before the apocalypse struck, where she stays overnight, the reasoning behind why she collects photographs and why she paints them.

I wanted to answer questions for myself before I wrote about her -- where are her family and friends? Are they deceased? How much does she miss them? These aren't the topics that I chose to directly explore in my script, but I decided that it was important to be aware of them so I could have more of an understanding of my own protagonist.

Emine is in her mid-twenties -- I imagine her with roughly cut brown hair, green eyes, freckles, and ragged clothes.

Her 'need' is to emotionally come into terms with the apocalypse and how she is, as a result, all alone, but her 'want' is to keep herself distracted from this reality as she craves the presence of another being. I chose to explore this intrapersonal conflict throughout my script.

This conflict is enhanced through her discovery of the fact that the portraits she has been painting have been of the same person - somebody who was part of her past, somebody who she misses dearly and cannot let go of.

The theme around painting comes from her hobby, and how she has been using it to distract herself from the harsh truth. What she believes she has been doing is searching for photographs in order to paint portraits of people to keep their memory alive and to feed her lonesomeness. But while doing so, she feels as if she's being watched - but she doubts this, and gets to the point where she brushes it off as her personal desire and want of not being the last one left. Although this is the case, in the end, we see her look directly at the camera as if she's seen another person, as a representation of her acceptance of the apocalypse.

Branching off from my group's master shot, I imagined the location (see below for reference) as exactly the same/fairly similar. I feel that it perfectly conforms to the genre my group and I are going for, and with how empty it looks, it delivers the lonely feeling my piece is going for.

The initial thing I wanted to get across is that we, as the audience, are seeing things from the perspective of another survivor, but after developing my ideas I liked how it could be perceived as her coming into terms with her new world, thus the final moments of the film concluding this chapter in her life; after achieving acceptance of the apocalypse, she's ready to embark on a new journey and to enjoy the time she has left.


Download PDF • 13KB

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