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Peer Review: Group 5 Sound Project

Group 5 Sound Project

For this peer review task, I have chosen group 5's project. I was really interested to see their take on this scene, as this was one of my second choices when choosing the scenes for this project. Overall, I think that they had some excellent ideas, but I've tried my best to discuss some areas of improvement that I feel could help.

In regards to genre, I'm picking up on slight melancholic tones so my best guess would be drama. I really like the idea of cutting from the music to silence in the elevator - I perceived it as a strike of realisation to a tragic or upsetting event that had happened, and feel that the score was definitely a good pick. Adding on to that, I really liked the subtle sound of the sirens in the background when she was in the living room as I associated that conventions that are in the genre of drama.

With the beginning, a part that I found somewhat distracting was the sound of the footsteps. A way to fix this could be through a consideration of mic positioning - since the footsteps sound so close, I found myself staring at her feet and struggling to follow anything else that was happening in the frame. I also felt that they shared a similar issue that my group did as well with the levels. At the start, it all comes across as quite strong, but then cuts off to silence - and although I can see this as being intentional, some of the sounds from entering the apartment onwards seem quiet in comparison, thus disengaging me from the piece.

My final critique is on the sync, which only seemed to be a bit off, but the major part that struck me was the cut from her outside to the elevator. But, to conclude, I really liked the ideas they portrayed in the piece and got a nice sense of the narrative and genre :).

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