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Old Friends: (Role #3 Script Supervisor) On Set & Collecting Rushes

Shooting for Old Friends was definitely hectic, but we made it through, and I’m very excited to crack on with the edit! Seeing as I was script supervisor, and also editor, it was fitting for me to collect the rushes. Coming up to the shoots, I made sure to check the format of my hard drive, reformat it and do the first-aid check on disk utility to ensure it doesn’t fail on me and made sure that it had enough space to collect footage on. One thing I learned from this experience is to always bring two hard drives so that I can make a backup just in case if it all goes wrong (which is why I brought two the next day). Another thing I learned was to also ensure that you tell the crew to wipe the cards as soon as you’ve done the backups. This is because there was an instance on the third night where I hadn’t communicated this properly so the cards filled up quickly, and I had then accidentally made EXTRA back-ups of the footage, not knowing the cards hadn’t been wiped. Thankfully, this happened during our food break, so there weren’t any major disruptions in that regard. I’m also going to be investing in an SSD drive (asked for one for my birthday) as transfers are much speedier on those than on hard drives.

We did not plan to do three shooting dates, and I most certainly was not prepared for it. It definitely made things harder to spot continuity-wise… Whenever I could/I had access to the monitor on set, I would take photos to remember the lighting of each shot, but it seems that within this chaos I lost track. I did although, on the third day, dedicate each ‘light’ a number, and crossed out that number whenever it wasn’t on - to ensure I was collecting this information as quickly as possible without missing out on any of the other things I was supposed to keep an eye on.

I’ll go into my role as a script supervisor in a later post after I reach picture lock, as I’ll be able to efficiently say how well I did after working with my own notes. For now, here are some photos I took of the monitors and a short video of our producer on set wafting the smoke from the smoke machine about!

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