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Off to Kintyre to Film “Paradise”: Script Supervision & DIT Troubleshooting

[13th - 17th March] Overall, it was a lovely time, and I am so excited to progress to post-production!

Sample of Marked up Script by Me (See full file at end of post, including continuity notes)


Some files seem to have corrupted during transfer, as my Laptop died during one of the offloads. This happened as there were a limited amount of plug sockets available near our DIT station (mostly because the plugs for our external hard drives were very bulky and blocked off other outlets). Edit: I re-did the offloading of the cards that I thought had corruption or corruption because of transfer again the night of our last day, but it did not finish in time, and I had to redo them at home. But in good news, thankfully, it turns out that they weren’t corrupted! There was a miscommunication on which bits of footage was filmed in ArriRaw, and my laptop did not have the appropriate plugin to detect and open them.


I feel that I am getting better at script supervision, but there are absolutely some parts that I can improve on. I find that it is difficult to keep an eye on everything, but the important parts are movements. At this point, is a character moving, which arm are they using to pick up an object, which arm do they reach out to the other with, how is their hair in the previous shot, how is their coat in the previous shot, where are they looking, and so on…

As mentioned in the previous post, I’ve attached all the Elsewhere script supervision notes here. This includes my marked-up scripts, with our other script supervision’s mark-ups (for the scenes filmed inside Eleanor’s flat). The scanned notes are all done by me, and the digital ones are by our other script supervisor.

Download PDF • 54.02MB

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