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Nature 2.0: Risk Assessment

To even out the workload, I was tasked with doing the risk assessment for our new production. It didn't take too long to do, as there are minimal risks that come with a simplistic set (thank goodness). Note, this risk assessment was done prior to when the idea of the white room was fully developed, and equipment had to be booked out well out in advance - so the set description is not too fully accurate.

Thankfully, the room we're working in has a lot of room, allowing for easy social distancing, and for crew and actors to be allocated their own space. To aid this, for reasons surrounding the makeup of the corpse, we are looking to request our actor to do her own makeup, so that we do not need to break social distancing by getting into close proximity.

We plan on storing the equipment in its own room within one of our flats, as to which when we don't need it, it won't be touched.


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