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Nature 2.0: Considering Pacing [UPDATE]

With the changes to our piece, pacing has become very different to that of what it used to be. The illusion of our Photographer being in a white void gives us the freedom to 'get weird with it'. The idea of a white void reminds us of things like a dream/nightmare sequence - so we can use this to mind-bend our viewers and keep them engaged.

The director, Will Kirk, had a discussion with me on the type of pacing he desires, and his vision for the piece. Alongside this, how he wants the film to 'loop' - which is something I'm very excited to do. The pacing is said to be fairly upbeat and seemingly disorganised, in an attempt to discomfort viewers. The images of the rabbit carcass and the corpse are definitely going to overlap, encouraging audiences to consider the relationship between the two, with them both being 'dead'. We continue to follow through with representing the Photographer's psyche while showing his mental battle with his morals.

Although the dark themes of this film are something I'm very new to, I've done works in the past where I've tried to incorporate the element of 'mind-bending'. With this being said, I'm very excited to see how this works out and hope that we can do this idea justice.

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