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Moth | Short Film (Brief) Review

A taxi driver sees the man who killed his daughter in a car accident. So he follows him home.
This blogpost includes spoilers.

Having read the logline prior to watching the film, I was confused at why it was called 'Moth' - this was, though, until the shot of the moth, and the sight of the door to the outside having been left open. An unwanted visitor. Although I enjoyed the presence of this metaphor, I struggle to really connect it with the entire piece as a whole.

The film is accompanied with an atmospheric score that comes in and out throughout its run time. A part in which it is used particularly well is around 6 minutes in, when it is combined with the noise of a ringing phone to elevate a sense of urgency, and to build tension - as he decides to follow the boy home.

I really liked the one-shot of the taxi driver walking into the home, I felt that it enhanced a sense of discomfort at the idea of this man entering a home without consent. Overall, I felt that this sequence of the taxi driver inside the house built tension fairly weakly. I felt that perhaps more could've been done to portray that sense of danger for the boy, as it feels very slow and presents to us as the audience that the man is definitely not going to hurt him. Because of this, the sight of the man not having done anything to the boy wasn't really a shock to me. Perhaps this was intentional, but I'm not too sure.

That's all for now, thanks for reading.

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