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Master shot (completed!)

Shoot date: Monday 5th October 2020


Maddy - Director

Mia - Cinematographer

Tom - Sound (and model/actor)

Abbie - Producer

Dori - Editor


"In your groups, you will select a genre and create an image to form a scene. This still will represent a MASTER SHOT from a scene and will include a maximum of one actor. This is NOT a scene that already exists in film and will be one of your own creation."

Completed product

The program used to colour grade = CC Lightroom

Genre = post-apocalyptic

I'm really happy with how things turned out on our piece. I feel that our group was very on top of things and we got things done at a good pace.

Traveling to the location!

Out of the shots that we had gotten, this was definitely one that resembled our chosen genre the most. In terms of colour grading, I had referred to Mia and Maddy's mood boards (see below) as they had inspired me the most and spotted a common convention, that being a lot of overly warm tones. Our location already included a lot of warm colours from the orange and red-ish coloured bing, but I wanted to enhance that and bring it out more in order to achieve a rusted feel.

Mia's Horror Moodboard
Mia's Sci-Fi Moodboard
Maddy's Moodboard

I liked the rest of my group's mood boards as well, but these were the three that I felt connected the most with our piece as we had all gone with slightly different genres at the time.

(Original image below)

The version that I had initially done as my first attempt was a lot more orange, but we decided that we wanted it to be slightly more washed out to resemble our genre more.

Another element that my group and I wanted to incorporate was more of a smokey/hazy appearance, therefore I lowered the 'dehaze' effect to -43, but in order to keep that rough and grimy feel I brought up the texture and clarity.

Reflection post feedback:

Costume played a very big part in our piece as we felt that it was necessary to exaggerate it to the best of our ability in order to conform to our chosen genre. We have the leather, chains, and a threatening/on-his-guard feel to our shot which is exactly what we wanted to go for.

The reason why I liked this shot the most out of the others that we took was that our character/actor was looking directly into the camera as if they are prepared to protect themselves if need be, which is what I feel resembles our genre well.

One of the things that we had discussed was the costume, and how it might not really conform to our chosen genre as it wasn't rugged/damaged enough to go under post-apocalyptic. On the good side, everyone was able to identify the genre that we had chosen therefore I am overall happy with how things have turned out.

In terms of the other group's shots, I really liked them! One group did coming of age, and the other thriller/horror so we had a nice variety going. People in my class are very talented, it's hard to keep up a lot of the time, but I was very impressed!

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