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MASKING: AE, Photoshop, Davinci.

As a note, it took me until the afternoon of the 11th to complete the masks, but as I haven't had time to write any posts until after the deadline, I'm adding onto this post properly now. You'll see a jump from my previous post to this one, but that is just because of how long it took to do all of this.

Here is two 'Frame by Frame' shots that I masked as an example. I masked a total of around 17 shots.

First and foremost, the workload was, might I say, unbearable. I wish I knew that it would take me this long to do all of these shots because then I would've known how impossible it would've been with the time that we had.

I tried to avoid doing frame-by-frame masking where I could, but often it was impossible to do so. Even the ones that I did manage to find a compromise on still consisted of frame-by-frame masking, perhaps just on a segment of the image, i.e. a shoulder that's overlapped a piece of tape. In regards to the background of the masks that had been replaced, on Photoshop, I took the masked segments and tried to blur out the tape -- which didn't entirely work, so instead, I picked out the colours surrounding the tape, painted them on a new layer, blurred that layer, and then merged it onto the walls -- which did work, and frankly was the best I could do in the time that I had.

In regards to finding alternatives, I tried figuring out methods that worked in Davinci, but I found that it didn't always work. I presume that this will be down to the experience that I have with Davinci as I have only had one class on it. But I was able to use the qualifier tool in selecting the shadows on the background and trying my best to match the colour of that selection with the colour of the walls.

I don't think much else can be said about this process, as masking is just basic but fairly repetitive and extremely time-consuming, but I will reflect on this process in my final reflection post.

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