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Film Project: Seminar 7

For this seminar, we watched films together in person and discussed them in relation to timing and constructions of narrative. The films we looked at express the successful execution of narratives in restrictive spaces.

Milk, dir. Peter Mackie Burns

  • A very simple narrative, dialogue-heavy, minimal production design — but it's enough to understand and care about the characters and their relationship.

  • Deceptively simplistic cinematography.

  • Establishing a connection between different generations, and showing their interaction within a loving context.

  • Power dynamics and reversal, the nan takes over the power when she plays a trick on her granddaughter.

  • Goes against the 180-degree rule but it doesn't feel jarring when it does so.

Caroline, dir. Celine Held & Logan George

  • The filmmakers nicely set up to demonstrate that the mother is not entirely at fault, that it is just the circumstance that has gone wrong.

  • The film creates a sense of discomfort and tension continuously throughout, reaching its peak towards the end.

  • Very economical use of time and makes use of the time very well — by the time we are in the supermarket with them, it feels as if we have already learned so much in regard to the narrative and characters.

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