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Film Project: Seminar 1

Task: you are each to bring in a clip from a film that you find directly relates to your aspirations for your final year project (clips of no more than 3 minutes). This can be in relation to story, mise-en-scene, performance approach or to highlight your specialism (e.g. a particular cinematic style, or sound design approach).

[Chosen clip: until Otis' dad rides off on the motorcycle]

This clip demonstrates non-linear editing in a genre that traditionally uses a linear structure. What it is able to do by blending the two, is achieve the blend between dream and reality, as well as an enhanced connection between the protagonist and the audience. We as the audience are able to feel for Otis. The editing in this sequence only shows a brief invasion of Otis' imagination and how it comes to an end in a short amount of time demonstrating how he cannot afford to even dream about his father's love and affection. Being a 12-year-old, Otis deserves to imagine whatever he wants to his heart's content, but he can't. He is being forced to grow up quickly and do things that he does not want to when all he wants is just to be loved.

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