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Film Project | Dramaturgy Seminar 3

  • Example of overture, the intro to Hitchcock’s Spellbound: a singular image with music playing, setting the tone/mood. As it begins, this score morphs into music that is reminiscent of gothic and thriller themes, but it still echoes the romantic music from the overture. Spellbound provides a lot of contexts, and while it does so the doors of the location are closed, we’re not ‘let in’ to the action until we’ve read the context.

  • Overtures also can be extended along a long title sequence.

Discovering Dramaturgy
  • Connecting conflicts, visual (social), auditory — its something that you can’t see, but you can upon analysis, and it adds so much depth to the film and its narrative.

Additional Notes
  • Film Example: Um Dia na Rampa -- a basic example being how it starts and ends in the same place.

  • Open form, the final solution of the outcome is not revealed. -- an example being Whale Valley which we watched for this week's films.

  • If something is really of relevance, it will be shown/indicated twice.

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