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FCF: Group Meeting Progress

Today was our second in-person all HoD crew meeting (we have had several brief ones online). At this point of time, the work that we are doing is heavily pre-production, and I am waiting on receiving creative materials that would help me start to plan the edit further. Thus far, as mentioned during the pitch, I've broken down the draft of the first draft of the script to get an idea of the structure of the pacing and rhythm that will be present in the film -- applying the recent things we've been working on in our editing classes. I'm hoping to, as soon as I get access to a shot list and storyboard, to be able to structure some kind of paper edit that will help me figure out and plan further how to translate the pacing that I've got written down across the 6 minute limit.

Other than this, I have emailed people who were interested in the film I was producer for last term, Fallout, to send them our casting document to see if they would be interested in taking part/auditioning for our film this year.

I am currently spending time developing my knowledge on the structure of pacing and build up of tension etc. that we have been learning in our editing classes for the timing being until I've been given access to storyboards and such. As soon as we have the final draft of the script also, I will be needing to do a lined script up for that - something I need to refresh my memory on as we learned about it very briefly in first year.

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