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Fallout: (Role #2 Producer) Test Shoots

Dates: 8th November 2021

We had our test shoots for Fallout yesterday, which I will discuss in this blogpost! (I will attach any photographs if I can find them too) As presumed, this was very beneficial for us, both in terms of figuring out travel to the location and for figuring out how we’re going to do things on the actual day. We’re very lucky to have permission to film at our director’s parents’ home, and with it being indoors in a detached house, we don’t have to worry about noise disturbance (as the dialogue that we’re filming isn’t all that loud anyway!).

Having everyone in the same room as well allowed me to pull up the equipment lists I had on google documents and make additions to the bookings for the actual shoots! Leaving at least a week's gap between the test shoots and actual shooting was highly helpful. [EDIT: One note, though, I don’t think I’ll ever book equipment on SISO through my phone again because it glitched and the additions I made on that day were only booked out for 2 hours! Ben to the rescue though, was able to extend the bookings for us - thank you, Ben!

I am excited to continue looking for/help to decide on our actors for Fallout! Till’ next time!

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