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Fallout: (Role #2 Producer) Scheduling and Organisation

As my secondary role, or rather, second HoD role, I have decided to produce for Fallout. Producing is a role that I’ve always been interested in, not to specialise in though, but to just learn more about. I do enjoy staying organised and attempting to organise things for others, but I struggle to encourage others to stick with my organisation (which I suppose is something I need to improve on). As I’ve joined this group fairly late on, we’ve already got some stuff sorted out, and then there's the stuff I need to pick up on.


Location: Director’s parents’ house (in Linlithgow, which brings up potential travel issues, but I’ll cross that bridge closer to when it is of concern)


  • Shooting dates

  • Dates for test shoots

  • Risk assessment

  • Casting call/communication

  • Scouting the class to fill up any vacant roles

  • Figuring out rehearsals

  • Call sheet and/or shooting schedule (tbc, need to discuss with AD)


Understanding the trouble we’ve run into in the past with booking equipment, we’re all well aware of how we need to book equipment as soon as physically possible to ensure availability (and if bits of equipment are not available, how we can get ahold of substitute bits of equipment from our peers or friends to borrow - or in fact, use our own).

As a starter, I’ve discussed with our group members (production members such as cinematographer, gaffer) to write down a list of what equipment they desire for the shoots, so I can book them out for the shooting dates as well as the test shoots. This will give us the opportunity to figure out how we will position equipment on location, and establish how we will go about shooting to ensure maximum productivity.

When I joined Fallout, my main primary goal was to figure out shooting dates, and I decided that the best way to do so was for everyone (or at least, the core group members - HoD’s) to state what days they are definitely NOT available. At this point in time, the crew had already had their dates for other films decided on, and were in the middle of production for documentary shoots, so it would’ve been the most productive to take on this method.

We decided on the 8th of November (and 9th, penciled in if we needed an extra day) for the test shoots. And for the main shooting dates, the 17th, and the 18th November, giving 9 days between test shoots and actual production, which was beneficial. In allowing this extra time, we are able to decide on alternative bits of equipment for actual shooting and to also try substitutes if the equipment we were initially wanting was booked out. While core members of our group are available on these dates, there are some members (such as AC) that are only available on 1/2 of our shooting dates, so it is my job to seek out others from our class or elsewhere who would be willing to fill in.

In order to try and keep people organised, I’ve made a schedule on google that can be edited by the entire group, and I have some penciled-in dates for post-production to ensure equal amounts of time is dedicated to each craft. I’ve attached a screenshot of this schedule below.

Sample of Schedule for Reference

EDIT: I’ve noticed that it's very difficult to keep people updating these schedules, so perhaps in the future, I will keep this as a personal schedule, and try to track everyone's progress myself, to make sure everyone is keeping in line (which isn’t ideal workload wise, but what can you do.)

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