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Fallout: (Role #2 Producer) Rehearsals & Deciding Actors

Of course, not all actors who got in contact with me sent us a self-tape… but the number that did, allowed an adequate selection, and the director chose 6 people, to which I organised into scheduled times like so.

CRAIG A TIMINGS: 2:00-2:55pm
JODIE A: 2:00-2:20pm
JODIE B: 2:25-2:55pm
CRAIG B TIMINGS: 5:30-6:15pm
JODIE C: 5:30-5:50pm
JODIE D: 5:55-6:15pm

This rehearsal was, of course, an opportunity to see our potential actors in person, but to also observe any potential chemistry between the two. Craig and Jodie don’t have a healthy, loving, relationship, but they were both in love with one another at least at one point in their lives, so that chemistry has to be there - it is important that it is so. In order to identify the chemistry between our two actors, the director suggested that we had the two male applicants stay a little longer than the female ones, to see how they perform together. The director booked out the rooms between 2-8 pm, and an extra room on the following Monday just in case if things didn’t work out for the actors availability-wise, but we were lucky that it did!

Reflecting on the Rehearsals

It definitely worked quite efficiently, but, a disadvantage of doing things with these timings has arisen. Nevertheless, I’m glad to have learned about this potential issue this way. We realised that having the actors in as a pair influences how the actors may have performed compared to how they would have performed individually as the performance of the actors bounce off one another, so if one actor didn’t quite achieve the vision the director was going for, the other wouldn’t quite either. But, because of timings, we can’t use up another day on rehearsals to get in the other actors to come in for ANOTHER ‘chemistry rehearsal’. If we had the time, we would take the opportunity to do so, but sadly we do not. Despite this, we are happy with the turnout, and now I’m waiting on the director to give me the go-ahead and final decision for who we’re going with!

Straight after the rehearsals, I decided to start drafting email responses for the actors, to which I will edit and adjust accordingly when we have the final decisions in place.

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