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Fallout: (Role #2 Producer) Casting and Communication

As we’re working remotely whenever possible (especially since we’re all off doing our other projects when we’re not doing this one, sticking to google documents/drive is definitely the move I feel). I posted the following casting call on several Facebook groups - I made this on Photoshop, to keep it speedy and also make it pretty - the reference photos were selected by our director. As our screenwriter was M.I.A. for a period of time, I asked the director to give me a short summary of character descriptions. Since they were still a little too long, I tried to shorten it as much as possible, but also keep the full thing she wrote on a separate document to send to interested applicants for the roles of Craig and Jodie!

In order to keep my director in the loop of who was getting in touch, and to provide links to actors’ CV’s and such, I made another google document which acted as a brief profile/progress update on each individual. [EDIT: As the workload started to get more hefty, I didn’t have the time to continue updating the document, but the screenshot below should give you a brief idea of how it looked like - I’ve crossed out the names for privacy purposes]

I’ve been keeping in touch with the actors via email, and I’ve learned that my fast-typing skill has its downsides, such as, as soon as I remembered something, I decided to email it to the actors. But then, I would realise several minutes later, that I forgot a few details, so then I’d quickly email that to them too… leading to email, after email, after email, before they even replied to my last one. Because of this, I’m trying my best to keep up a little list of things I need to let them know, and then after an hour or so, I will send them the necessary information as concisely as I can.

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