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Fallout: (Role #2 Producer) Call Sheet and Aiding Scheduling

I am most certainly glad that I’ve got such an organised AD! She is working on the schedules for both days while I attend to the call sheet. As I was present at the test shoots, it was important for me to keep in contact with our AD on details regarding the shots that were not stated on the shot-list and such — so to make things easier, I offered to do the call sheet while she does the schedules for both days.

If I do take on the role of producer in the future, though, I have taken a mental note to ask our cinematographer for a final shot list at least a week prior to shooting, as we hadn’t received a final one until quite late, and so realised late that we have far too many shots listed for two shoot days (around 35). There wasn’t anything wrong with the listed shots, just over-ambitious for the time we had to spare sadly. But it’s all about trial and error, and we managed to move past this hurdle in the end! The cinematographer was able to cut down the shots to 20 which was perfect!

Figuring out timings was proving to be quite difficult though, here’s a screenshot of my messy notes!

Although, now that we had figured out timings, we ran into a hurdle — are we no longer going to have the windows visible in some of the shots? With it being a night shoot and sunset happening at 4 pm to which it only gets dark at 4:30 pm, that doesn’t leave us enough time to get stuff done before the last bus to Edinburgh from our location. So, plans to have visible windows have been redacted, and we have decided to stick foil onto the windows and pull the curtains so we can start shooting earlier.

I’ve attached a screenshot of the 1st page of the call sheet below (minus sensitive info such as travel and parking instructions to protect the filming address), to which this one document was for both days as we stuck to the exact same timings and information. Although I understand that for better practice it is best to make even the slightest adjustments and to send it off to everyone the morning of shooting dates, so I will be doing this in the future.

Call Sheet Sample Minus Sensitive Info

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