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Fallout: (Role #2 Producer) Booking Equipment and Risk Assessment

As we’re booking out quite a large amount of equipment and we aren’t always seeing each other in person, I thought that I’d make two google documents to share with the production crew to make them aware of where we need to seek alternative bits of equipment and to show what I have managed to book out. I did this by colour coding the lists I was given and found this very helpful in staying organised! I’ve attached screenshots of both lists below.




As we already know our filming location, I was able to complete this risk assessment for both the test shoots and actual shooting, I have attached a screenshot of this below. If any more potential risks arise that I am made aware of, I will edit the risk assessment prior to the actual shooting. In having access to our filming location already, it will be beneficial to be able to have access to our equipment to test out how things will work on the actual shooting dates.

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