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Editor Analysis: Pacing, Emotions, Character Dynamics

[23rd - 27th January] A technique I use when I’m given any script is to break down any pace changes depending on the action or interaction. This helps me consider which character is driving the attention towards themselves, as this results in an understanding of how to emphasise and guide the character dynamics between them all. I’ve attached a few screenshots of this below:


To remember how long each scene would be (judging from its length in the script), I measured each one and made the following calculations.

Scene 1: 00:45

Scene 2: 03:35

Scene 3: 00:58

Scene 4: 00:40

Scene 5: 01:15

Scene 6: 01:13

Scene 7: 01:20

Edit: Here’s what the actual timings ended in the end! Disclaimer, I did know and understand that these would not be the timings that we would end up with, as it was inevitably likely that we would either cut out parts of dialogue or allocate more breathing room or less breathing room (with good examples being the advert, which ended up being much more snappy, as it should be, and the kite which needed more room to breathe and allow audiences to immerse themselves in the moment).

Scene 1: 00:34

Scene 2: 03:48

Scene 3: 01:14

Scene 4: 01:16

Scene 5: 01:21

Scene 6: 01:38

Scene 7: 01:40

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