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Editing the ‘Elsewhere’ Trailer…

Updated: Apr 29, 2023

[30th Jan - 3rd Feb] At this point in time, we haven’t started shooting yet, but to work on building our following on social media, we have decided to make a trailer to advertise our work. The footage that I worked with on this was the test shoot footage.

I first began by choosing moments that I felt were key to “summarise” the plot of the test shoot but also enough to reflect the actual film it is becoming (as the origins were very different from what it developed into). While doing so, I tried to include shots that I felt were key but also captured an essence of the cinematography (and VFX) skills that would be present in the actual film.

I found this editing a little challenging at first, as I hadn’t edited a trailer before… and I felt that the footage we had was somewhat restricting. Because of this, I’m excited to potentially make another trailer with all our new footage after we’ve filmed it.

First, it ended up being quite long, with the early drafts being somewhat disorganised and more like a montage of the shots we got. But, I managed to narrow it down and make the most of what I had.
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