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Editing the ‘Elsewhere’ Crowd-funder Video

[6th - 10th February] On top of my editing tasks, I’ve been working on our social media (design, posts, and edits). It’s been quite fun and a nice way to take a little break from film editing to help come up with fresher ideas and approaches.

This leads me to our Crowd-funder video that I edited, and you can see that below!

I asked the director for their inspirations on the film, and they sent me a list of scenes that feature relevant performances, style and/or cinematography. As the piece was to feature a voice over by our director (and some footage as she spoke), I arranged the clips in relevance to the narration. I included footage from our test shoot, and then chose to end it with our trailer at the very end. While the trailer music used royalty free music, we were lucky to at that point have a composer on board, so we got permission to use some of his music on his YouTube. I overall had a lovely time editing this together.

Edit: We were successful with our crowdfunder! We £3,110 with 64 supporters in 21 days.
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