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Editing Class 5: Reflecting on FCF

For Crimes Forgotten Editing Feedback

Key editing struggles: Continuity (costume) and Coverage (monster/prisoner)


  • cut with continuity errors as much as possible — better to go with good pacing than to get the continuity correct

  • “was this land a paradise?” line lost with the sound design

  • reveal of the monster after he turns around, competing for perspective, we are with the informant so we shouldn’t see the reveal of the prisoner before he’s turned around.


  • Opening Q’s — Logic of the world, Clock strikes 12, what does that mean in terms of the aeons — maybe something that would make sense to have taken out. OR Could have been resolved with an ECU of the watch

  • Did not have access to the storyboard, difficulty visualising the approach of the prisoner, the character we had limited coverage on.


  • Breathing room needed, issues regarding timing — i.e. when he looks down at the start, we see the chains, and he says ‘It’s almost over,’ it needs breathing room before that line, to digest it.

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