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Discussing the Editing for Scene 1: The “Paradise Extract” Advert

Updated: Apr 29, 2023

[14th - 17th February] One of the issues we have been discussing while preparing for production is the difficulty of the transition between the first and second scenes. Tonally, they are very different, and by starting with the advert, we are somewhat misleading viewers as to what they are watching. But the abruptness of the change and the difference in tones are intentional and what we want audiences to be watching first. It reflects the unusualness and craziness of this fictional product and emphasises the separation idea of “fantasy” and “reality” that we want to feature in the film.

Snippet of our Storyboard: Spinning Cake Shot on Eleanor's TV.

From a VFX perspective, we discussed the chance of the edit playing on the TV. If the first two shoot dates had more time in between them, I could have potentially edited it and then by the time we’re filming the second scene; we could have the edit playing on the TV. Regardless, this would be limiting as we wouldn’t be able to change our minds if we were to go with that shot. So, as an alternative, we have settled on editing one shot with graphics on the screen to play on one of the TV shots. This way, we can have one other image similar to the one just mentioned but with a green screen that we will replace. As this is only one shot, I do not doubt how achievable it is. I know it will be fine, and I am excited to discuss the experimentation in a future post.

I have not had a chance to practice the green-screen shot yet at our filming location, but I hope to do so soon.
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