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Developing Ideas & Prep for Pitch

Current craft roles (for pitching, and potentially production if green-lit):

Abbie: Writer

Dori: Producer

Although my interest lies more in editing, I feel that at this point in time as we are in a small two-person group, it would be best for us to pitch our ideas from areas of pre-production. Since our last meeting, we have now a google drive link with google documents where we can both edit and keep track of how our idea progresses. Since taking on the official role of the writer, Abbie has definitely taken the lead, but our ideas/thoughts align so I'm very happy with how things are progressing at this point in time.

A brief update of our ideas/development

In a 1980s UK setting, two newlyweds (Marian and Ralph) are getting ready for their Honeymoon by doing some last-minute packing. They receive a rather large late wedding gift, from Marian's ex-lover from high school, who happened to be a woman. Ralph, being aware of the rumours associated with this woman, starts quizzing his wife feeling that she has in some way betrayed him. Due to Ralph's persistence, Marian gives in and tells him about the summer fling between her and the woman. Ralph is paranoid, and (due to the lack of understanding regarding bisexuality) he feels that both his wife and her ex-lover have married men as a 'cover-up'. Marian's feelings for Ralph are true and genuine, but she feels that she has to justify and almost prove herself.

This build-up in tension will rise, adding to the stressful and awkward situation of them packing to leave for their honeymoon, until the doorbell goes off - their ride to the airport.

We've felt inspired by the film Short Cuts (Directed by Robert Altman) as well as the original piece itself, and have drawn comparisons with the build-up of dialogue and tension in an argument from the infamous scene from Marriage Story (Directed by Noah Baumbach).

Although our focus in this piece has shifted towards misconceptions and homophobia of LGBTQ+ in the 1980s, we are staying true to areas of dialogue from the original source. A reference that we are likely to include in our piece is the infamous argument scene from Marriage Story. After discussing how we want the progression of the dialogue to be, we managed to draw comparisons with this scene. You can watch it below.

Screenshot from Marriage Story (Noah Baumbach, 2019)

Prepping for the Pitch

After our tutorial, I decided that it would be in our best interest if I spoke from a producer perspective in our pitch. This means that I will first research and then discuss ideas regarding the type of location we want, the kind of performance we're expecting, etc.

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