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CineHaiku: Shooting & Edit Start!


Mia: Performing/Directing

Dorsa: Producer/Editor

Alyssa: Cinematographer

Abbie: Sound Recordist/Mixer

We managed to get everything we wanted from this shoot, but it didn’t quite go to plan. What was supposed to be a 9:30 start ended up being an 11:30 start (so we started shooting around 12:30), and also the forest shots took WAY longer than they should’ve, but it's a learning experience as always, which I’ll talk about now. But first, some fun footage/photos from the shoot!

Preparing the pom for tearing!

Some critical reflection on how the shoot went

Directing and acting may not have been the best move.

A lot of the shots Alyssa took had to be shown to Mia, as our director, for her approval. But obviously this used up a lot of our time, and we ended up spending hours in the forest and finishing up when it was dark. For future reference, getting someone outside of our group to perform might be a better move for productivity and to save time.

As soon as we started getting the shots, I realised that we hadn’t really decided on how linear the narrative was going to be (or whether it was going to be outright abstract).

At this point of time, I have imported all the shots into AVID and synced up the sound (which I will mention in a moment), but after trying to create a simple assembly of all the shots in order, I’m seeing a lot of inconsistency. We have lots of forest shots, to which we definitely don’t have the time to use in a 30 second film, and we have random ‘jumps’ in what I presume was a linear pattern that we were initially going for. Reflecting from this, I was planning to do an edit using the storyboard drawings to assess our ideas in terms of pacing, but sadly I ran out of the time. If I had done this, then we could’ve saved a whole lot of time on set.

Ensure all team members' equipment work/are on the right setting.

So we have sadly run into an issue with the sound. We don’t know how it happened, but we’re presuming that the levels for recording were quite low but the headphones were turned up, so our sound recordist thought she was recording at the right volume. Alyssa and I worked together to crank up the gain for the purposes of syncing the footage, but this is just another learning curve. With it being a 30 second film I’m sure we will find a way to fix things (especially as we still have time before the deadline).

That’s all for now, I’ll be doing another blog post when I progress with the edit, there’s a lot of material that we’ve got here so I am excited to see how it turns out!

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