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CineHaiku: Organisation


Mia: Acting (?)/Directing

Dorsa: Producer/Editor

Alyssa: Cinematographer

Abbie: Sound Recordist/Mixer

Earlier this week Alyssa had suggested some potential filming locations in Balerno that we’re going to do a recce at, scheduled for Friday 1st October. Speaking of a schedule, here’s a screenshot of the one I made for our group!

EDIT: This is an updated version as of the 19/10/21 where things have changed from what the list says below!

I know updating it is often difficult, especially since a lot of the time people are far too busy to update it... but if anything it definitely helps lay out when we should aim to have production done by, and what periods the project will be in the hands of editing/sound design/colour grade (on top of bookings of equipment or shoot dates).

Speaking of which, here are the following organised dates:

  • THUR 30TH SEP: Equipment Collection

  • FRI 1ST OCT: CineHaiku Recce/Test Shoot

  • SUN 3RD OCT: CineHaiku Shoot

  • MON 4TH OCT: Equipment Drop-off

  • TUE 12TH OCT: Picture Viewings, an appropriate cut must be prepared (by yours truly)

  • WED 13TH OCT: (evening) Passed AAF file onto sound!

  • TUE 19TH OCT: Sound Viewings, an appropriate cut must be prepared (if we’re not doing well on the time front, as long as there's something on the timeline that depicts what we’re going for, that will be enough).

  • TUE 19TH/20TH: Group meeting for discussion on sound viewings.

  • WED 20TH OCT: Colour grading on Davinci (Even if the sound edit isn’t done, we’ll proceed)

  • FRI/SAT/SUN 24TH OCT: Group meeting, depending on availability, to go through what we’ve got and make sure everybody is happy with it.



Other than these dates, I’ve attached the risk assessment I completed for next Thursday’s booking, and I will now discuss our most recent zoom call meeting.

The girls and I called to discuss what each of our three CineHaiku sections would actually include, leading on from the fact that we need to decide how we want to frame Persephone and what interpretation of her story we want to visually portray. Due to Mia’s flatmate’s availability and our need to film this as soon as we can for convenience, we’re not going to be able to use her as our actor, BUT, Mia is willing to step in and if needed, ask her flatmate for some potential choreography, but we have yet to confirm/decide whether choreography will even be needed in this short of a piece to get across what we want to get across.

A big part of the discussion was about potentially filming at Churchill Theatre. When discussing our ideas, I mentioned how I thought of it all as very abstract, and how I imagined the third section being in a completely dark, black, space (representing Persephone’s entrance into the underworld). With everyone's input, this eventually developed into our ideas on the third section being Persephone on a stage, with the spotlight, as we hear clapping in the background/’audience’. Regarding filming at Churchill, we’re all working together on finding the right contacts to see who we need to talk to and how we can book the space to film at, but we’re not too sure if we’ll be able to secure it, and so are brainstorming other potential alternatives for this third section too.

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