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CineHaiku: Final Prep Before Shoot!


Mia: Performing/Directing

Dorsa: Producer/Editor

Alyssa: Cinematographer

Abbie: Sound Recordist/Mixer

Location scouting went well!

There was a lot of walking and trekking we did, but it helped us choose which locations would be the most convenient to access with all the equipment we’ll have. Leading on from this, we decided that taking equipment with us on the recce might not be the best idea, but to help plan things for Sunday, I remembered I had the Cadrage app, so I handed my phone off to Alyssa and here’s some of the shots she got!

We’ve decided on our locations: Harlaw Reservoir (for the forest shots) and Threipmuir Reservoir for the final shot/final section of Persephone in the water. After having received the storyboards and shot lists, I have created a production schedule for Sunday to help us stay on track. This helped especially as I ended up making two versions, one being with the initial 10:30am start, and then the one I’ve decided we’d be better off choosing, being the 9:30am start. An important thing I had to take into consideration for this was what time Mia would have to be in the water for as the most ideal time would be the time in which the weather happens to be the warmest and not as windy. See the production schedule below for more info!

I’m looking forward to this shoot, hopefully everything goes swimmingly!

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