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CineHaiku: Developing Ideas


Mia: Directing

Mia’s flatmate: Dancer/Performer (? Unconfirmed ?)

Dorsa: Producer/Editor

Alyssa: Cinematographer

Abbie: Sound Recordist/Mixer

In this post I will be discussing how our initial ideas transformed into doing our CineHaiku on Persephone, Goddess of Spring (as it we decided on it quite quickly but it's worth talking about).

Wanting to incorporate nature and happening to have access to Mia’s flatmate who is also a dancer, we came to the idea of doing our CineHaiku on mother nature. To elaborate, we wanted to represent this personified character through dancing to show a relationship/bond between her and nature (i.e. by dancing with ‘flowy’ movements to suggest femininity and intimacy, suggestive of mother nature). Leading on from this, we each went away to think of our own ideas stemming from what we had already. I had decided to write a Haiku as a starting point, which I will quote below:

“The world will forget,

My feet scrapes the Earth’s surface,

I have left my mark.”

I thought that the first line was suggestive of a lot of things regarding climate change, and how the consequences of our actions are so heavy to the point where we often try to overlook them and go about our day. The second line, I thought I could incorporate the notion of dancing, and a way of leaving a ‘mark’ or influence, thus leading to the third line - almost in a way where mother nature herself is reminding us that we will regret our actions.

Following on from the meeting where we discussed my haiku and our ideas, Mia suggested basing our CineHaiku on Persephone, goddess of spring and the wife of hades (to which I was thrilled, because I have a bit of an obsession with Greek mythology, or at least the concept of it, following from my interest in a web-comic called Lore Olympus which depicts a modernised version/stories of the Greek gods, of course another variation of the many stories that are attached to them).

So here it begins! We have decided to go down this path, but now we’re thinking of how to go about portraying this character but also what perspective/aspect of her story we want to visualise within this 30 second piece. All we have decided on so far is the ‘white dress’ that she will be wearing, as a symbol of innocence, before she is snatched away and sent off to the underworld…

We’re looking to arrange shooting times with Mia’s flatmate, ensuring her availability aligns with ours!

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