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Choosing a Project

After having our projects chosen and scripts read, I have decided to join the group 'Nature' as the film I would like to work on (if Covid allows it). Nature is an adaptation of Raymond Carver's short story 'So Much Water So Close To Home'. This was co-written by Will Kirk and Dan Young. The role that I will be taking for this project is Editing.

At this point in time, I'm very excited to be working on this film. I've always had an interest in creative works that make one question or conflict with their morals, so to be working on such an interesting film will be a pleasure. I'm aware of how weary we need to be what we are including in the film i.e. the 'corpse' and how we need to ensure that the actor(s) are well-taken care of etc., but I feel that this experience will be a very helpful one.

Consequently, I've ended up as the editor for another film that has little to no dialogue. But I shall use my prior experience to apply the things that I learned last time to this film. For example, this time around I'm going to ensure that I'm the one who imports the footage/syncs up the sound to the footage OR at least that I'm present in doing so (as I had problems with this since the project was thrown between windows and mac).

I feel that I have challenged myself greatly as I am working in a group with people with who I haven't worked with before. But, I aim to try the best I can to maintain communication with my group and to do my part.

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