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Among Us | Short Film (Brief) Review

A young pianist discovers she's going deaf, then fights for her future as a musician.
This blogpost includes spoilers.

The ending was bittersweet, but it was exactly as expected. She sits at the piano, after her audition/assessment, unsure of whether she passed or did well or not. She can't hear it, after all. I can't imagine how difficult it is to lose the ability to do something that you put so much passion in throughout youth into adolescence. Although the film tries to translate these feelings to screen and does an alright job at it, I think more was needed, or rather this might just need more time as 10 minutes goes by in the blink of an eye. I think if we had experienced more representations of how this character feels, then we could 'be' with the character more, and feel for her more. My reading of the ending was that the reason why we weren't provided with the results of her audition/assessment was because she no longer cares for the results, she can no longer hear the beautiful sounds that she used to, she is just struggling to let go -- until she finally decides to part, and walk away from the piano, out of the frame.

I enjoyed the scene of her rehearsing piano after her medical assessment, as I firstly believed that she was alone -- but eventually we see her walk out of a room full of people. This is important, as it indicates to us that she FEELS alone. She can't hear anything, so why should we be able to hear anyone else other than muffled sounds of what we can actually see?

Overall I thought it was a good short film, to which more could have been achieved to position audiences with the girl a little more with a longer running time. Reminded me a bit of an animation series that I watched when I was younger...

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