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A Long Beside | Short Film (brief) review

A young woman returns from living abroad, but struggles to connect with her brother.

This blogpost includes spoilers.

The film successfully differentiates the two characters' childhood with a different aspect ratio and colour grade -- one that represents nostalgia, and the bright colours associated with innocence and imagination. These colours and its imagery highly contrasts with the washed out and cold colour grade that belongs to the footage of the present, of them when they are adults.

A sequence of the film that somewhat 'took me out of it' was the two very obvious paid product placements (one being a drink and the other a camera) -- the two shots felt very commercial, and with this not being of any importance of the scene at all (since it felt like a pause to the film in general) it felt a bit annoying to watch. Saying that, though, film funding is very important. Perhaps if it was more submerged into the scene, such as on the tables when the group of guys are drinking, it wouldn't feel as obvious and intruding to the plot.

For me, overall, I thought the film was okay. I kind of wanted to know more and explore how the characters individual lives were, but perhaps in this being absent from the plot it enhances that disconnection between the two siblings.

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